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Late/Lien Feature Overview

The Late/Lien Module is where you can set up different events. These 5 events below will/can be correlated with the status color of the unit, notifications (email, text, or print), as well as fees that can automatically be generated on the tenant's account. The 5 events are as follows.

* Late
* Locked Out
* Pre-Lien
* Lien
* Auction

Each event can/will link up with the task manager (under the dashboard tab)  if the settings are set to "print" a notification for one of the events. The task manager will help you know when notifications need to be printed for each event. 

Follow the steps below to access the Late/Lien Settings:

1) Log into your account

2) Click the  Setup tab

3) Click the  Late/Lien sub-tab

4) Click  Edit, to the far right of the page, to customize the days past due, the notifications that get sent and how they get sent, and the fees associated with each status.

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