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From start to finish, what should I do next? Detailed step-by-step guide.

When you send in your setup form you may be wondering what the next step is. Assuming you filled everything out correctly in the setup form...

-you will get an email and a call either later that day or the next day telling you that your website is ready to go. (If your setup form was not filled out correctly or if your domain name does not work we will give you a call)

-In that email there will be a link to your new website. Which you can login to your owner account through the  Make a Payment/Login button. Your username and password will be in the email you received.

-In the email that you received there will be 3 steps given. 

(1)  Merchant Account

-Depending on where you are located we will give you some information to a recommended merchant account. Give them a call and they will walk you through the setup for your merchant account. If you do not want to go with that account or if you already have an account give us a call or send us an email.

(2)  Data Entry

-After you log in to your website you will see some tabs Dashboard, Setup, Units, Customers, Reports, Email Text & Print, Leads & Marketing, and Website. For data entry all you need to worry about is the  Unitsand Customers tabs.

Under the  Units tab there is a subtab called Unit Types. Unit types are used as a template for your actual units. After you create your unit type 'templates' you can start plugging in your actual units. There is another subtab called New Unit. This is where you will create all of your units.

After all of your units have been created you need to import your customers.  Here is a guide on how to get your customers formatted for importing. After it's formatted you can send us the file to and we will import it for you.

You can assign a username and password for each customer by going into the  Customers tab, click on a customer. Click on Edit Profile in the blue buttons at the top. Scroll down to the bottom to the Login Information section. Hang in there, there is one more lengthy step before you are done. 

After all of your customers are imported, you have to attach them to the units they are currently renting. To do this you can one of two things.

A- Under the  Units tab there is a List View subtab. If you keep this tab always opened in one window it makes it easier to rent to customers. Open up a unit in a new tab by right clicking on the unit name/number on the left side. You can then rent it to a customer.

B- Click on the  Customers tab. You can then click on a customer. At the top of the customer screen there is a blue button that says Rent Unit.

(3)  Training Videos

- In the email there will be a  Link to some initial training videos.

Gate Integration

For more information on gates  Click Here

If you have any questions about your site there are a few ways to get in contact with us.

-Calling us at (888) 958-5967

-Sending us an email

-You can always chat with us through this site just click on the  Chat With Us button in the bottom right

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