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Sales Associate

When setting up Storage Facility Internal Logins under Setup > Manager, there is an ability to create a "Sales Associate" login.

Users set with a Sales Associate login will have limited access to the software and not able able to see all the features available to Managers.

Access of a Sales Associate Login Includes:

  • Renting or Reserving a Unit
  • Adding Notes to a Customer Profile
  • Taking a Payment
  • Setting up or Editing Recurring Billing Information
  • Editing the Move in Date
  • Removing a Lock Out
  • Editing the Customer Profile
  • Approving and Completing Reservations
  • Changing or Adding Gate Access
  • Upload tenant photos
  • Perform Move-outs
  • Edit Payment Methods
  • Add Recurring Billing
  • Support Tab
  • Collections Report
  • Move-in/Move-out Report
  • Waiting List
  • Lock Outs Report
  • Declined Credit Cards

Some of the Major Restrictions to these types of Accounts Include:

  • Editing/Deleting Customer Notes
  • Editing/Voiding Billing History Items
  • Deleting or Pausing Recurring Billing
  • Editing the Payment Structure of a Customer (Applying Discounts, Changing Monthly Price, Next Invoice Date)
  • Printing Invoices or Late Notices
  • Sending Bulk Emails or Templates to Customers
  • Making Changes to the Website
  • Viewing or Pulling Reports
  • Changing any overall billing settings.

We will be adding more permissions/restrictions to this feature in the future that seem appropriate.

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