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How do I clear out a task from my dashboard or task Manager?

To Remove Tasks 

A Create Print Batch task is created automatically by the system anytime a new document is sent to the Email, Txt & Print area to be printed. This most often includes Invoices and Late Notices. 
(Note: Having documents set to be printed can be turned off, which would stop Create Print Batch tasks from being generated.)

In order to remove a Create Print Batch Task from your Dashboard/Task Manager, you can either click on the "Print (x) documents" link in the Task Manager or simply click into the Email, Txt & Print tab.

This will take you to your print batches. This area will show all documents that need to be printed, not just the documents for the date of the task you selected.

This area allows you to filter it to just see Invoices or Late notices, depending on what you want to print at the time. You can also un-select any customers you would prefer not to print at that time and they will be saved in the Print Batches until ready to be printed.

When ready to proceed with the customers you selected to print, you can hit "Create Print Batch" at the bottom of the page
(Note: There is an area where you can add a note to any Invoices being printed, however, this will be added to ALL invoices in the batch, not just a specific customer.)  

You will then be brought to a page showing the different line items on each invoice going to be printed. 
If all looks okay, you will click the icon at the bottom stating "Print (variable depending on print settings) Group" 

After this, your invoices/late notices will download or open in a new tab (depending on your browser) where you will be able to preview the invoices and print.

If you do not wish to print these documents, just going through these motions will clear out the task on your Dashboard.
This will clear out all tasks for documents that were clicked to be printed. If you unchecked certain customers in the second step from being printed, tasks for those customers will still be in the Task Manager. 

(Note: All print documents can be viewed again at any time by clicking "Print Batch History" in the top right hand corner.)

To Remove a Manual Task

A Manual Task can be used by Managers to prompt employees to call a customer or simply as a reminder of an event/action. 

In order to complete and clear out a manual task assigned to you, you would click the following area

Afterwards the screen will refresh and remove the task from your Task Manager list. You will see the following notification at the top of the screen:

These steps have now cleared out the Task Manager of any due tasks. 

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