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Optional Customer Settings

You have the ability to enable or disable several settings. Below are the following settings that you can adjust.
- Allowing renters to prepay when they login online.
- Allowing a USB card swiper to populate credit card information when making a payment for a customer.
- Saving rentals for customers who have not paid (When unchecked a successful payment is required for      rentals initiated by customers. When checked the rental and any payment attempts will be saved, with the  unit in a Pending status)
- Auto approve new rentals/reservations (When checked you will not see new rentals or reservations on the  dashboard)
- Allowing a second deposit. (This will add an additional deposit, with a name of your choice, to the Unit  Types)
- Allow customers to edit their billing information when they login online.
Below are the steps to change any of these settings:
1) Log in to your account
2) Click on the Setup tab.
3) Scroll down until you see "Currency Unit". Below this setting will be all of the mentioned settings.
Capture47.PNG Capture50.PNG
4) Scroll to the bottom and click Save

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