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Voiding an Invoice

If you need to void or erase a payment or an invoice:
Any invoice can be voided as long as it has not been marked as paid.
To void an invoice, go to a customer profile through the Customers tab. Scroll down to the billing history. The date to the left of the invoice should be blue (purple if you have clicked on it before).


Clicking on this brings you to Line Item Details. Here you can change the price of the invoice in the box under the Before Tax Amount, you can put a 0 in the box and save. This will take the invoice out of the balance. Or when you are in the Line Item Details you can click the void in the top right corner of the white screen.

If an invoice has been marked as paid and needs to be erased or voided:
There are two ways to clear an invoice that has been marked as paid. You can add a fee or credit to the account in the amount of the invoice or payment.


Otherwise, you can go to the customer profile through the Customers tab. Scroll down to billing history. Click on the date to the left of the payment line item. When you are in the payment in the box under the Amount put a zero and save. Click back on the customer name to return to the customer profile and scroll back down to the billing history. Follow the instructions above to change the invoice amount whether it be to void it, zero it out or just change the amount. After you have saved this click on the customer name and scroll down to the billing history once more. This time click on the line item next to the Zeroed payment. In the Amount box put the amount of the payment (if you cannot remember there will be a note right above the amount box that shows the change you made the first time). Save this and you are done.

When you zero out a payment it does not refund a credit card. If it is a check that has bounced you can use the "Mark as Bounced" button in the top right of the white screen, in the Transaction Details (from a customer profile, click on the date next to the payment line item under the Billing History).

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