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How do I add my online rental agreement?

To add a lease/rental/storage agreement: Go to Setup>Settings. You will see the Storage Agreement in the right column.
You can copy & paste or type your rental agreement here. Make sure to use the Placeholders. To do so you will put the cursor where you need a placeholder, click Insert Placeholder (bottom right of the Agreement Content box). Each placeholder will fill in the respective information when you are on a customers profile. For example: [[CUSTOMER_NAME]] will show the customers name as it appears in their profile.
Need current customers to sign?

Current Customers: To have current customers electronically sign the agreement they must have an email or cell phone and a username and password (fake email can be used if they only have a cell phone). Once the agreement is entered you must turn on the template (Email, Txt & Print>Templates. Storage Agreement, email and/or text enable then update). Once the template is turned on go to any customers profile, scroll to the Rentals section and click the Agreement button (blue button). 
If you click on the link it will bring up that customers agreement. 
In the upper right corner of the screen you will see:Each button has its own action. Press the button with the delivery method you would like to use. It will send the email/text to the customer with a link for them to pull up the agreement at which point it will have them to sign the agreement (signature spot shows at the bottom of the screen for the customers only, managers will only see the signature line once the agreement has been signed).

New Customers: Any new customer that rents a unit online will have to electronically sign the agreement and agree to the terms and conditions before it will allow them to enter their credit card and complete the rental process.

To Print: To Print the agreement follow the instructions under Current Customers above, hit Format for Printing and walk through the steps to print.


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