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2014 - 8/17 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1- Manual Fees: We made it so that you can add a manual fee to a tenant account that is less than $1.

2- Gate/Access Control Integrations: We added a direct integration with 2 different access control companies 1- DSX- 2- Stor-Guard-

3- Email Variable: We added a variable in the template letter area that now supports the insertion of the tenant's email address. [[EMAIL_ADDRESS]]

4- Insurance Due Date: We added a feature that when you change the "Next Bill Due" date it also updates the insurance due date so that they match. Note: changing a due date does not currently prorate to the new due date

5-Verbiage Changes: On the "edit" monthly billing cycle page we changed the verbiage that used to refer to the Next Bill Date as the "Start Date for Billing Cycle" and replaced it with "Next Bill Due".

6- Move in date: We changed the functionality of the "move in date" on new rentals so that you can now put in whatever date you want to when you do a new move in even if you are not executing a prorating option on the move in.

7-New "Tenant Data" Report: We created a new report called "Tenant Data" and made it so you can download it into a CSV file

8- QuickBooks - ACH Payments: When you sync your QB account with your software it will now include ACH payments.

9- Reminder Emails: We added a new page to our software that allows you to customize the email reminder/invoice verbiage. It is located under "Email & Text" and is called the Reminder Template. We also added a new variable [[UNPAID_LINE_ITEMS]] so you can insert that in your email template if desired.

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