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2014 - 8/13 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1- Custom Fields Manager: We added the ability to choose which fields are displayed on your "Rent Storage" page. So, if you do not want to have a SS# field displayed on your new customer signup page then you do not have to. To access this custom fields manager go to Customers>Field Settings

2- Rent Roll: We added a new report called "Rent Roll" which allows you to sort various customer data and display it in a report format.

3- Transfirst Payment Gateway: We added a direct integration with the Transfirst Gateway so some of our customers can use them for payment processing if desired.

4-Accrual Accounting Report: We added a new report called "Accrual" which allows you to see a list of invoices that were created within a specified date range.

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