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2014 - 11/12 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1- Added More Dates to the Past Rentals Page: When you go to the tenant account page and then click the past rentals link you will see more date information of when the unit was canceled and approved etc.

2- Sort Gate Code Report By Unit Name: We have added the ability to sort the gate code report by unit name.

3- Added Country Field for Gateway: For those of you using an gateway, you now of the option to select the country you are in so that you don't run into any issues with cards going through.

4- Charge Multiple Lien Fees: You can now add more that one lien fee into the system. This would be a one time fee like, lien fee, auction fee, listing fee, etc. that could be charged by the software X number of days after the due date.

5-Sort Grid View: You can now sort the grid view page under the units tab.

6- Quikstor Gate Integration: We added the ability for the software to integrate with Quikstor Gate systems.

7- Hide Customer Fields: We added the option to hide certain customer fields to potential tenants wanting to rent online. You can now, for the most part, choose what data you want to collect from a tenant when they rent online. This can be found under the customers tab and field settings page.

8- New Rent Roll Report: Added a new report called Rent Roll which looks and functions more like the industry standard Rent Roll report.

9- New Gateway Transaction Express: We added a new gateway for those facilities processing with Transaction Express.

10- Past Due Email Reminder: You can now edit the past due reminder to whatever you want it to say. This can be found under the Email & TXT tab and then Past Due Template.

11- Disable Emails On Move ins: You can now disable emails from being sent when you move a tenant in or out. These setting can be found on the email settings page under the Email & TXT tab .

12.Mass Payments Feature: Under the Dashboard tab there is a new page called "make customer payment". This is a new feature that allows you to search for a customer and then be taken right to the make payment page for that customer. Once you make the payment, it takes you back to the "make customer page" so that you can make another payment for a new customer.

13. Upgrade to Rails 3: This has been a big one as far as time and work for us. You won't really see any new things from this update other than the program will be more secure and robust from a programming standpoint.

14. SQ Footage Report: Added a new report that will show you how your Sq footage breaks down Total vs Rented

15- Various Fixes and Improvements: -Included GST tax label on the rent storage page -Removed voided line items from the insurance. -Add a link for customers with no name. -Fixed the updating of big site maps. -Fixed Stor-Guard integration file by removing space. -Prevent invoicing after move out. -Fix QB web connector "certificate" error. -Fixed make payment form for ACH only facilites. -Fixed insurance next bill dates from skipping. -Removed voided line items from accrual report -Improved next bill help text. -Fix CSV for tenant data and gate code reports -Changed accrual report to pull from due date not invoice date. -Fix for site name on the move out receipt. -Fix custom pro-rating issues. -Fixed billed dates on the quotes page. -Disabled password reset for customers with a disable login -Add focus of mouse on some forms -Changed move out receipt to print portrait.

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