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2014 - 7/10 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1- Ability to add custom data base fields-Customer: We added an option under Customers>Custom Fields so that you can go in and add custom fields that can be added to a new customer signup page. Example, if you rent RV spaces out and you require the tenant to put the RV registration number in upon signup, you can now go in and add a way for your tenants to put that information in. You can also search by the data that is entered into that field. Example, if your customer puts #178987 as their registration number, you can search for that number on your customer list and that customer that has Registration number 178987 will pop up. Note: We are currently working on adding a setting to make that newly added custom field required when a tenant signs up online. Also note, we are working on a way to build reports that display this data.

2- Ability to add custom data base fields-Units: Under Customers>Custom Fields you can also add custom fields for units. So, if there is data that you want to add in to a specific unit you can add a custom field for it and then you can search for that unit data in the customer list search and that unit that has the data from the custom field will appear at the top of the search.

3- Move in/Desired Move in Date: We added the move in date to the dashboard for new move ins as well as the desired move in date for new reservations.

4- Move out email settings: Added a setting to the software that will allow the manager to turn the move out email on or off. Email & TXT>Email settings.

5- Tenant Email Address: When a tenant starts the online rental process and creates an account the software sends an email to the manager stating that a tenant has created an account online.We added the email address of the tenant to this email so that the manager can email them back quickly if needed without having to log into the software.

6-Emails: So...where do we begin with this one ha ha ha About 6 months ago, started a revolution. They came out with a policy that they would not allow a 3rd party to send an email in behalf of one of their customers. Our software (the 3rd party) was sending emails in behalf of our customers. Other email providers like Hotmail and Gmail started to follow Yahoo's new policy so we had to change the way that our software sends emails. The emails that now go out to your customers will be coming from and you can now set the "Reply To" email address to be your email address in case they reply to the email that gets sent to them. We took the liberty of putting whatever email address was on SETUP>Contact as the contact email and made that the default "Reply To" email for your software so you should not have to do anything.

7- New search capability: You can now search for the following data by doing a search at the top of your customer list. -Driver License #, -Phone -Cell Phone -Alternate Contact -Transaction ID -Transaction Check Number -Transaction Last 4 of Credit Card -Transaction Authorization Number.

Note that searching for phone numbers might not always work as expected depending on how they're formatted. For example, if on the customer edit page the phone number looks like '4356691157' then searching for '669-1157' won't find it because there is not a dash in the way the data is being stored on the customer edit page. The correct way to get the number to pull up would be to search for the number the way that it is formatted.

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