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2014 - 6/7 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1- Tenant Insurance Enhancements We made several enhancements to the tenant insurance feature of our software: - added an option under each insurance plan for you to toggle between having the plan charged automatically from the recurring billing card on file or not be auto charged at all. - added functionality that automatically cancels a plan if the tenant moves out of the unit - made it so that the insurance start date for billing matches that of the rent due date on a new move in.

2- Billing Offset Description: Under Customers>We added some descriptive verbiage under the "Next Bill" date if a recurring billing tenant has a billing offset on their account.

3- Required Custom Fields: We added a setting on Customers>Custom Fields to make the newly added custom fields required when a tenant signs up online. These fields will be marked with an asterisk so tenants that rent online will be aware they are required fields.

4- Unit Size Description on Site Map::We added a unit size descriptor so that when you hover over the unit with your mouse while on the site map it will display the unit size.

5-Unit Notes Page: We added a new report called "Unit Notes" that will show all of your units and any of the unit notes associated with those units.

6- Tax exempt per rental:We changed the functionality of the program so that the tax exempt feature is treated per rental unit and not per tenant. Our software used to mark certain tenants as tax exempt but now the tax exempt happens to the unit. If you had tenants that were marked as "tax exempt" their rentals will still continue to be tax exempt by default. Now, for example, if you conduct business in a state that requires tax on particular unit types and not on other types of units, you can have the tenant get taxed on one unit but not the other. This is useful in Texas and in Pennsylvania.

7- Email Settings Addition: We added a new check box on the tenant "edit profile" page that allows you to mark if a tenant wants a receipt emailed but not a reminder email and vice versa. The way it used to work was that if a tenant had the email notifications box checked it would opt them in for both reminder and receipts but now they can choose whether or not they want both reminders and receipts, one or the other, or neither.

8- QuickBooks Deposit Classification: Added some specific classification to security deposits so they can be properly identified when you sync your software to your QuickBooks account. They used to come into QB as an income and were not identified as a "deposit".

9- Lien fee per rental, not per tenant: We added on to the automatic lien fee functionality in the Automatic Fees Manager so that Lien fees are added per rental and not just added once per tenant.

10- Ruby on Rails Upgrade: We updated our version of Ruby on Rails 2.3.2 to Rails version 2.3.18 which makes our program more secure and reliable.

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