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2014 - 2/12 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1. Added Variables To Template Letters: When you go to create a template letter, there are certain variables that you can add to the letter. These variables will pull information from the database and insert it inside the letter when you print. We have added the following variables to use when creating a template letter: [[DATE+15DAYS]], [[PAID TO DATE]], [[LATE FEE]], [[CUSTOMER PHONE NUMBER]], [[DRIVER LICENSE #]], [[SOCIAL SECURITY #]], [[UNIT SIZE]], [[SECURITY DEPOSIT]], [[ADMINISTRATION FEE]].

2. Added Unit Size To Current Rentals Section: When you go to a tenant account and go down to the current rentals section, it will now show the size of the unit underneath the unit number. We also changed the wording on "Paid Through" to "Paid To".

3. New Alterations Report: We have added a new report called "Alterations Report". This report will track any alterations that were made in the software and who made them. For example if someone makes a change to an invoice amount, payment amount, or late fee, this report will track that change.

4. Tenant Insurance Integration: This is one of the biggest changes that we made this go around. We have now added the ability to create insurance plans in the software and then sell tenant insurance to tenants. A general insurance plan can be created under the "Setup" tab on the "insurance" page. Once the insurance is setup, the software will invoice for the insurance premium and generate a report that can be sent to the insurance company each month. The new report is located under the "reports" tab called "insurance". Once you create an insurance plan the software will automatically sign a tenant up for insurance through the online rental process, unless they opt out. We have officially partnered with Storsmart Insurance ( If you are interested in offering insurance contact us or them and we can help point you in the right direction.

5. Added Alternate Contact Fields: We now have extra fields on the tenant signup form for Alternate Contact information such as Name, Address, Phone, etc..and we have also added these fields as variables on the "Create Letters" page so you can insert that data into a form letter that you print.

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