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2013 - 11/20 Software Update

Here is a breakdown of this update

1.Declined Credit Card Transactions Report:We added a new report in the report section that displays a list of all the declined credit card transactions for the current month. You can select a different date range if needed.

2. Card on File Adjustments: Now, when a tenant has a card on file for recurring billing, it will only charge that card on the tenant due date for the monthly rent each month. The software will no longer automatically attempt to charge that card for anything other than the normal monthly rent that is due every month. The only exception is if you have a recurring fee setup on that tenant account, it will continue to bill the card on file for that as well if you have selected that you want that recurring fee to be billed to the card on file. Why did we do this? Well...sometimes tenants would rent online and then realize they need a bigger or smaller unit. If the manager moved them out of their unit and moved them back into another unit, the new move-in would charge the card that is stored on that customers account resulting in another credit card transaction.

3. Format for Printing: We added a "format for printing" button on all the reports so that you can now print any of the reports in your software without printing them through your web browser

4. Recurring Fee Sales Category: We added the ability for you to select what sales category you want your recurring fees to belong to. This is helpful for those of you that want to offer tenant insurance and track how much money in premiums you are collecting each month.

5. Revenues Report- Ability to sort by unit type: We added a new feature on the revenues report that allows you to see how much money you are making in any given time period by each unit type. For example, for those of you that manage a storage facility and also have some rental properties put into the system, you can now separate your revenue report to see how much money you are making with your rentals vs how much you are making on your storage units.

6. Credit without payment report: Added a new report that shows you all the credits without payment that have been given to tenants. This is helpful for owners that want to see why their managers are giving credits to tenants and for the owner to see where those credits are being used to cut down on internal theft. We also built a feature that notifies the owner when a credit without payment is given which is enabled by checking the box on the "Email Settings" page.

7. Site Administrator: We added an "owner" feature that allows the "owner" to be the software administrator and disallows certain settings from being touched/changed by anybody other than the "owner" aka Software Administrator.

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