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2014 - 4/8 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1- Option For Tenant To Select Unit: We added an option on SETUP>Settings called "Customers can select unit" where if checked, customers can select their unit from the "Rent Storage" page of your website when booking online.

2- Date on Sales Report: We added the current date to the sales report so that you have record of when you printed it. Reports>Sales

3- Add a recurring billing date offset: The software now allows you to put in a different billing date other than the due date for recurring billing customers. We call this the billing "offset". Before, our software would only allow you to bill on the due date for recurring billing customers. No days after the due date when you want that tenant to be billed.w, you can bill on the 5th with a due date of the 1st. To set the billing date with an "offset" from the due date, click on "Recurring billing" and set the offset to be the number of days after the due date that you want the software to attempt to charge the card on file.

4- Approval on Scheduled Move Outs: You now must approve the move out when the move out is scheduled out into the future. We did this because sometimes tenants come in and say they are moving out but then take an extra month to move out. Now, the system will continue to bill them until the approve button is clicked on the move out and the unit stays rented until the move out is approved by clicking "approve" on the dashboard.

5- Addition to Late Fee Module: We added the ability to add in different late fee amounts based on the amount of rent you collect on a given tenant. Some states require that you only charge a maximum of $10 as a late fee for rent amounts $0-$50. This new addition to the module allows you to set that up. To access the addition, simply go to SETUP>Fees and you will see the addition to the fee table.

6- Management Summary Report Addition: We added to 2 new columns to the management summary report. "Today" and "Year to date"

7- Check Batch Improvements: Now, the check batch when printed opens up in a new window and also includes the name of the check batch on the printout.

8- Ability to Set a Firm Auction Date: Now, instead of relying on the software's default of 30 days after lockout, you can select an auction date that you would like to include on all new automatic lockouts moving forward. To select this date, go to SETUP>Gate and check the box called "Enable Custom Automatic Lockout Auction Date" and then set your date in the open field below from the calendar that opens up when you click on the empty box.

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