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2014 - 3/3 Software Update

Here is a breakdown of this update

1- Return To Customer Button:We have added a "return to customer" button on the "move out receipt" page so that right after you schedule a move out, you can return to the customer's account page by clicking this button.

2- Auto Population Of Tenant Name: On the make a payment page when you go to make a One Time Credit Card payment, ACH payment, or Auto Pay, we have made it so that the tenant's name will populate into the name field so that you don't have to type it out each time.

3- Added Info To Move Out Receipt: When you move someone out the software generates a move out receipt to give to the customer. We have added the Tenant's address, phone, and email information to this move out receipt.

4-Invoice Print Batch: We made the PDF of all rent invoices so that it sorts and prints in alphabetical order. This should match and be the same order as the list on the print batch page before you create the PDF of all invoices.

5- Payment Receipt Change: We have added the tenant's city, state, and zip to the automatic receipt that is sent when a tenant or manager makes a payment.

6- Pause Recurring Billing: We have made it so that you can now pause a tenant from being on recurring billing without deleting their credit card or ACH information. This means the software will retain the payment information as a payment account without having the tenant on recurring billing. You can see this on the recurring billing page of a tenant. You can pause a payment account or set a payment account as active. If the payment account is active, the software will charge the active payment account automatically each month when their rent is due.

7- Save Multiple Forms Of Payment: When you go to the recurring billing page, you can now save multiple credit cards or bank accounts on file for the tenant. This means when you go to the make a payment page you will be able to choose under the "payment type" drop down any of the payment accounts that you have saved for them. So if you have 2 credit cards on file for them you could make a payment using either one or you could turn on recurring billing for them using one of these 2 cards that you have saved. To do this, you have to set one of the payment accounts as active. If a payment account is active, this means the software will try to charge the active payment account when it is due. If the tenant does not want to be on recurring billing, you can still save a credit card or ACH payment account on file for them on the recurring billing page and use any of those payment accounts to make a payment.

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