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2014 - 1/16 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1.Duplicate Gate Codes: There is a setting now that allows you to enter in duplicate gate codes if needed. This setting is located on the SETUP>Gate tab

2. Automatically Unlocking a tenant : Now, when a payment is made on a tenant account (whether by a manager or a customer online) that brings that tenant balance to $0, the software will automatically remove that tenant's locked out status from their account.

3. ACH Integration: You can now go in and make 1-time ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments on a tenant account. You can also set a tenant up on recurring billing through ACH. The tenant can also make 1-time ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments and can set themselves up on recurring billing through ACH when they are logged into their account. Automated Clearing House means payments are taken out directly from a tenants checking account, all you need is their routing number and account number to make the payment. Only for use with the payment gateway

4. Auto-download Gate file: Our software now comes equipped with a Windows installer called the "ESS Gate Sync Program". This program, once downloaded, goes in and grabs your gate file every 5 minutes to update your gate software automatically. Before this was built, a manager or an owner would periodically have to manually go in and update their gate software program by doing a manual download of the gate file our software produces into a specific folder designated by the gate software. To access this, go to SETUP>Gate and select your gate company from the drop-down menu and then at the bottom of the page the ESS Gate Sync Program download will appear.

5. Lockout Report Additions: We spruced up the lockout report with new features that allow you to track when lockouts were placed and removed. REPORTS>Locked Out Report. There is also a new setting under SETUP>Gate that enables manual approval for lockouts.

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