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2013 - 7/20 Software Update

1. Ability To Text Or Email Past Due Notices:

If you go to the "email and text" tab under the "email settings" page, you will see an option to select "email past due customers". This same capability is also available on the "text settings" page. When this option is selected the software will now send an email or text to the tenant when they are past due. You can also now select how many days past due you want this notification to be sent. This setting is on the "email settings" page under the "past due period" title.

2. Post Card Invoice:

You now have the ability to send out an invoice on a postcard. To do this, go to the "printing and mailing" tab and create your invoice print batch just like you normally do to print invoices. When you go to print it will prompt you to select an "envelope type". In that drop down menu there is an option called "postcard". If you select this under the envelope type it will print the invoice on an Avery 8387 post card sheet instead of a full 8 1/2 x11 page invoice.

3. Changed Check Batch Page:

We changed the check batch page to only show open check batches. There is a blue button now at the top that you can click on to see closed check batches. We improved this page in order to speed things up a bit. Loading all check batches when you click on that report was slowing the software down.

4. Improved Speed:

We also made some hardware, database, and software changes to improve speed and efficiency. You should see improved software response depending on your internet connections.

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