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2013 - 8/14 Software Update

1. Updated Recurring Billing Page:

This fixes the verbiage on the recurring billing page when a tenant is logged in to their account. It currently was changed because of previous changes to the online rental process. This page should make more sense now when a tenant logs in to their own account and goes to the "recurring billing" page.

2. Add Mass Void Feature: You will now have the ability to mass void line items that are still outstanding. This is a new link at the bottom of the "billing history" on the tenant account page.

3. Tweaked Spacing On Invoice Post Card: Changed the invoice post card so that it could handle longer names and has better spacing, less cluttered.

4. Changed The Path For Editing Billing Cycle: Changed the page that you are taken to after you edit the billing cycle. This makes this process flow a little better.

5. Added Ability To Email Template Letters: When you go to the "print letters" page, you now can create the PDF to print or send as an email to the tenant. This is located on the print letters page under the "printing and mailing" tab.

6. CSV Upload: Added the ability to upload customers via a CSV file. This feature is more for new facilities working on their data entry. This is located under the "customers" tab and the "import customers" page.

7. Improved Email Invoice Reminder: Added more explanation to the email invoice. Changed the order of some of the information as well as added more information about their current balance.

8. New Sales Report: Add a new report to the "reports" tab called "sales report". This report will show by the month all of the sales categories you have like rent, late fees, locks, etc, and how much was collected in each of those categories.

9. Clear Credit & Edit Credit: There is now no "clear credit" button on the "Credit" page for the tenant. We have changed the way the credit feature works so that you can now edit the credit amount that is added in the billing history. Also now when you add credit to the tenant account it will automatically use the credit to mark outstanding invoices as paid. If you need to back the credit out you can by going down to the billing history and clicking on the date out to the left.

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