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2013 - 9/25 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of this update:

1. Recurring Fee Auto Charge: This enhancement allows you to setup a recurring fee and have that fee automatically charged to the credit card on file for a tenant on the due date of the recurring fee. Before we did this update, the recurring fee was just invoiced and not charged to the card on file. To ensure that your recurring fees are setup on auto-charge, go to a customer's account, click on "fees" and then click on "recurring fees" and then click on "edit" and make sure the box is checked that is called "Automatically charge credit card on file"

2. Blue Moon Integration: You will now have the ability to setup your Blue Moon Lease Agreements into the software. Just go to SETUP>Blue Moon and enter in your Serial Number and Username and Password. Note: Blue Moon Lease Agreements are only available for TXSSA members

3. Management Summary Report: We added a new report called the Management Summary Report. To see this new report, click on Reports>Management Summary

4. Rank Unit Types by Cubic Feet: Changed the way that unit types appear on the "Rent Storage" page for non-logged in users so that the units appear from smallest to largest in order of size in cubic feet

5. Email Manager Improvements: Made the Email Manager less confusing so that it is not easy to send out a bulk email accidentally when meaning to send out an individual email. Now, to send an email to an individual, simply make sure that the TO: field says "select individuals" and then select the individuals you are going to send the email to. Located on EMAIL & TXT>Email Manager

6. 28 Day Billing Cycle Capability: Added the ability to set tenants up on a 28 day billing cycle. This is mainly for our Canadian customer base.

7. Previously Paid Deposit Checkbox: Now, when entering in deposits that have been previously paid by a tenant, you can check a box that allows you to automatically mark that deposit "as paid" without issuing a credit and doing it manually.

8. Add Tax Sync To Quickbooks: Our software now syncs tax received into Quickbooks when doing a Quickbooks sync.

9. Multiple Facility Management Tool: If you own more than one facility and you are using our software to manage all of your facilities, you can now have a login that will get you access to all properties without having to have all the software programs for those properties open at the same time. It will also allow you to search for tenants in one spot rather than jumping around to all the open software programs to find a tenant.

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