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2013 - 1/4 Software Update

1. Fixed Easy Storage Support Site:

Our support site located at was having a hard time updating new material that we were adding to it. It has now been fixed. So you might be able to find answers to questions a little easier :)

2. Auto Email To Past Due Customers:

We added a new notice to the "Email & TXT" tab under the "email settings" page. This new email option is called "Email past due customers". If this option is selected, the software will send a late notice notification email to the tenant when they are 1 day late. This is designed as more of a reminder to the tenant to assist in collections, not an official late notice to lock a tenant out.

3. Manual Email Past Due Customers:

On the "Email manager" page under the "Email & TXT" tab you can now select "past due customers" to send an email to past due customers. If this is selected then you can compose an email to all past due customers and send it manually whenever you want by adding a subject, content to the body of the email, and clicking send.

4. Hide Charge Deposit Link For Tenants:

Currently if a tenant was not charged a deposit, that tenant could log in to their own account and charge themselves a deposit. This happened a few times and was confusing to the tenant so we hid this ability for tenants when they are logged in to their own account.

5. Added MSDpay Gateway:

This is a new gateway that we are compatible with to accommodate those clients that are not using Payjunction or Rentpayment.

6. Auto Note From System:

Please note that we are going to move this to its own page. For now, if you go down to the "Notes" section of the tenant account page, you will see notes that are being added from the software automatically. This was built to keep a record of all the texts and emails being sent out to tenants.

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