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2012 - 12/18 Software Update

1. Check Batch Page Changes:

When you clicked on the "edit" link of a check batch it use to show the old menu. We got rid of the old menu on this page. We also added pagination to the check batch report so that you can click to past pages of check batch reports.

2. Renting or Reserving Online:

We changed the rent and reserve online pages so that if someone rents or reserves a unit online and their CC does not go through then they will be taken back to the billing page and be prompted to enter a new card in. You will be notified by email when someone creates their account online through the website but maybe doesn't complete the rental or reservation.

3. Online Rentals Start on The First:

You now have the option to choose a pro-rating option that is applied to online rentals. Currently if a potential tenant rents a unit through the website it charges them for a full months rent and then sets them up on recurring billing to be charged that same day each following month. Now on the setup tab you will have the option to choose a pro-rating option that you want applied to a tenant that is renting online. So it could charge them pro-rated rent for the current month and then set them up to be billed on the first.

4. Sort Collections & Lockout Report:

We added the ability for you to sort the collections and lockout reports by unit number.

5. New Report "Next Billing Date":

We added a new report to the "reports" tab called "Next Bill Due". This report will show you all of your current tenants and the date that you have them setup to be billed next by the software.

6. Integrated with SendGrid for Emails:

We have currently been handling all of our own emails through our servers. We just changed this so that all of the email notifications will be sent through SendGrid from our software. This has no effect on you guys other than you should not have to worry about emails being sent or our server being black listed again. This happens every so often and can effect emails being sent.

Other things we did that don't effect you much:

- Update our servers the late fees.
- Fixed a bug on the contact us page for certain websites.
- Fixed how the new website pages works with the storage agreement page.
- Fixed email reminder so that it did not say "false" in it.

Current list of Features we are working on. We have started some of these and just not finished:

1-Setting for next auction date so when the software lock someone out it gives them the specified lockout date.
2- When someone makes a payment it will automatically un-lock the tenant.
3-Move in and move out report.
4- Be able to use credit when doing a prepayment.
4- Be able to email all past due customers or customers with a balance. Part of this have a setting for automatic emails to be sent to past due customers.
5- Add a new column in the Units List Report by month, actually 12 new columns, January through December listing the actual rent received for each unit by month of the year. We could export this report and have a spreadsheet of the entire project showing the actual rent for each unit for the entire year.
6- Add ability to customize the reminder emails and txt that are sent. Notification manager. Be able to send emails and txt messages whenever they decide, Custom txts or Emails.
7- Move out status notice, be able to put a unit into a move out notice status, and then have the ability to reserve units that are in this status. A report would also be needed to show all the move out status units and the date they are moving out.
8- Hide the charge deposit option when the tenant is logged into their own account.

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