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2012 10/1 Software Update

Here is the breakdown of update that occurred in October 2012:

1. Option To Show Pre-pay button: This is a new setting located on the "Setup" tab. It is called "Enable prepay for renters". If the box is checked it will show the prepay option to the tenant when they login to their online account. This feature was initially hidden when a tenant logged in to their account. The reason it was hidden from the tenant is because tenants were posting prepayments when they should have just been posting payments to their outstanding rent. Now, if the setting is checked, when a tenant makes a prepayment online, the software will invoice them and then mark the invoice(s) as paid for the months of upcoming rent instead of adding a credit onto the account like it normally would if you posted the payment as a normal payment.

2. Receipts Show Previous Amounts Paid: We changed the receipt so that it will show any previous amounts paid along with the payment amount. Please note there is a bug in this right now that has been fixed but not updated. So if the number looks wrong just ignore it for the next few days.

3. Add Credit Card # and Billing name to Billing History: We changed the billing history description so that it includes the last 4 digits of the CC # and name on the card with a credit card payment. This can help distinguish the name of the individual on the card that was used for the rent payment when multiple people are paying on an account.

4. Notification On Account Creation: This is a new notification email that is sent to the "notifications" email on file when someone goes to the website and starts the online rental process by creating an account. This comes in handy because some customers create an account and then get nervous about putting their credit card number in to complete the rental. Now, you can use that info to contact them and resolve their concerns.

5. USB Swiper Feature: This is a setting located on the "Setup" tab. If selected a new swiper field shows up on the make a payment page and allows you to swipe the credit card data onto the make a payment page using a USB swiper from Call us if you have questions or need help with this.

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