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2012 11/14 Software Update

1. Import Address Automatically: Now when you go the "make a payment page" and select the "one time card" option, the software will automatically fill in the billing address based on the address that you have on file for the tenant. This will save you from having to enter the address information manually. Please note that when running a one time card, you actually don't need a correct billing address for the card to work, you can enter a fake address in an effort to save time if you are using Rentpayment as your merchant processor. Rent payment just requires something to be passed along to make their system work.

2. Reminder Email Update: We updated the reminder email with the following verbiage "If your payments are scheduled for autopay, please note that your credit card will be billed on your due date and you can disregard this reminder." We also changed the reminder email so that it will include the tax amount (if tax is being charged with the rent) like this: "This is a friendly reminder that your payment of $120.00 ($6.79 tax) for unit 301 will be due on 12/01/2012."

3. Reminder Period and Billing Period: Currently there are two settings in the software one for the billing period and one for the reminder period. Because of the way that the reminder period works, we made the software settings so that you cannot make the reminder billing days greater than the billing period days. This is because when the software sends out the email or text reminder the new rent needs to be invoiced to reflect the correct numbers for the upcoming month.

4. Don't Show Archived Customers: When you go to the email manager there is a drop down of tenants that you can choose from to send an email too. Currently is has shown everyone in the drop-down. We just changed it so that if the tenant has been archived they will not show up in that email drop-down list.

5. Require Payment For Online Rentals: OK, so this has been a change we have debated on for a long time, partly because we are coming from the Internet marketing standpoint that any information is good information. But we have had some frustration over a tenant being able to rent a unit through the website even if their card was declined. We treated this as a hot lead that could either be approved to rent and move forward or you guys could contact them and cancel the rental. We have currently changed the website functionality so that if the tenant is renting a unit online and their card is declined, it will not assign or rent them a unit it will re-direct them to the billing information page where they can enter a new card and try again. This option can be enabled/disabled on the SETUP>Settings page.

6. Reservation Online Approval: We change the software so that if a reservation is done online through the website, pays for the reservation, and the payment was successful that the tenant will still show up on the dashboard under the new reservations section. It was currently approving the reservation automatically if the money was collected and paid and not showing up on the dashboard.

7. Check Bounced: Changed the check batch so that if a check is marked as bounced it will still show the check but will replace the amount with the word "Bounced".

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