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2013 - 3/19 Software Update

1. Move-In/Move-Out Report:

If you go to the "Reports" Tab you will see a new report called "Move in/ Move out", This new report shows all the new move-ins or move-outs for a given month.

2. Moved Auto Notifications to Separate Page:

The software is now automatically tracking certain events that automatically happen. For example, it now makes a note when it sends out an invoice or receipt via email to a tenant. These notes have been showing up at the bottom of the page for the tenant but are now showing up on separate page below the notes section here:

3. Made Move out receipt smarter:

Currently the move our receipt talks about refunding a deposit amount of $0 when moving someone out even if they never paid a deposit. We have changed this receipt so that if the tenant has never had a deposit amount charged, then it will never talk about it on the move out receipt.

4. New Organized Revenues Report:

We have added a check box to the revenues report located on the reports tab that will organize the revenues into cash, credit card, and check with totals of each type of revenue. You can see an example here:

5. Ability to Apply Partial Payments:

You can now add a partial payment to an individual invoice by going to the "make a payment" page for a tenant and clicking on the "pay" link out to the right of one of their outstanding invoices. Then it will ask you how much to pay towards that one invoice. Before, if you clicked on the "pay" link out to the right of an invoice on the "make a payment" page, you could only pay the total amount of that one invoiced item and that was it. This can give you a little more flexibility if you need to break a deposit up over 3 months or something like that.

6. Ability to Add Links to Unit Description:

If you go to the "units" tab and then "unit types" you will see a description column for each unit type that you have. You can now add a link under this description so that when a tenant is browsing your unit types and the description they can click on a link that takes them to more pics of that unit type or another page with more info on it.

7. Schedule Move Out Feature:

If you go to a tenants account page and click on the "move out" button under their "current rentals" section the software will now ask you to schedule the move out. You can pick a date into the future and the software will put this tenant on the new move out report and also change the color of the unit to orange meaning that this unit is scheduled to move out.

8. New Report Scheduled Move Outs:

This report is located on the "reports tab" when you click on this report it will show you the current tenants that are scheduled to move out. If you leave them on this report the software will automatically move them out on their move out date. Or you can click the move out button again to move them out today or you can click the cancel button which will cancel the scheduled move out button.

9. New Waiting List Feature:

We have added a waiting list report to the "reports" tab. This will show you anybody that is on your waiting list. You can remove them from the list, rent them a unit from the list, or you can add a new tenant to the list from this page.

10. Retail Sale System:

We have started and were able to update the "retail sale" button that is under the "customers" tab. This is now where you can create the different fees that your facility charges like, locks, boxes, flashlights, etc. Once they have been added you can add the fee to the tenant upon renting them a unit or by clicking on the "fees" button at the top of their account page. We are going to change this in the future so that you can add a number into each fee of what you have available for your inventory so that you can track how many of that fee you charged through out the month or year. This is also the foundation for us to build a new report that tracks how much revenues came in off rent, late fees, locks, boxes, etc.

11. Added a Database Server:

We broke our database and application servers out so that now they each are on their own server. This has allowed us to speed things up on many levels and has given us more options as we are trying to make things more efficient.

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