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2012 - 8/1 Software Update

We have tried to give a small synopsis of what the new features are as well as a screen shot or location of where you can see the new feature:

1- Support Site Caching New Questions: Our support site was not currently take the additions that we were adding and making so that no one could find them. We have updated this problem so that the support site should have the latest and greatest content for you to search when you are needing a question answered. As always feel welcome to call or email us if you can't find what your looking for. You can check this update out at

2- Disable A Unit Type: You can now disable and get rid of a unit type once all the units under that unit type have been disabled or deleted. Before you could not get rid of a unit type once it had been created. This is found on the "Units" tab and "Unit types" if all of the units under this unit type are disabled or deleted then you will see a "disable" button out to the right.

3- Added Thank You To Receipt: This has been one that a lot of people have requested. Should be self explanatory we added the verbiage "Thank You" to the receipt that is emailed or printed when a tenant makes a payment. Along with this we added the next payment date and amount to the bottom of the receipt as another mini invoice reminder to those tenants that get a receipt.

4- Units Page Pop Up: When you are on the "Units" tab and you scroll over the units with your mouse a small window will pop up showing you some information. We have added some information to that pop up window so that you will now see the, Name, Contact info, and Balance of the tenant along with the status and unit number.

5- Hid Prepayment Button For Tenants: This has been a source of many support calls. As tenants log on to their account to make a payment we have numerous tenants selecting the "prepay" option that was on the "make a payment" page. We have hid this "prepay" option and have also replaced the "pay arbitrary amount" link with big button that says "Make Payment" This should help with any confusion when a tenant logs onto make a payment.

6- Tax Exempt Status: This feature basically allows you to make a tenant "tax exempt". You can change this per tenant by going to their account page and clicking "edit profile" You will now see a new option called "rent tax exempt". If the box is checked then the tenant will not be charged tax on their rent for their unit.

7- Late Fee Exempt: This is located again on the "edit profile" page of each tenant. There is an option called "late fee exempt" If the box is checked next to this option and you hit save at the bottom then this tenant will not get any late fees added to their account.

8- Message Board Tab: We added a new tab at the far right of the software called "Message/News". This will be a great resource for us to be able to communicate with you on new features, questions, new features and or ideas that we learn about from around the industry.

9- New Website Theme: If you go to the "website" tab and then "settings" you will see under the themes section that there is a new theme called "white #2". This is just a plane white background with no other formatting. This helps with clients that currently have sites and want to keep things matching as much as possible.

10- Minor Change To The Monthly Invoice Reminder: We change the monthly invoice reminder to make it more user friendly.

11- Hide Credit Card Payment Option: If your software is not connected to a gateway you will not see the "one time card" option as a payment type. This will avoid confusion with tenants trying to make payments online when you don't have a merchant account.

12- Ability To Change Billing Description: You now have the ability to go to a tenants account, scroll down to the billing history, and click on the date next to a billing line item and change the description of what the charge was for. You can now do this on line items that have been marked as paid. Currently you have only had the ability to change the description before it had been paid.

13- Partial Payments and Tax Amounts: Ok so this was a big one. Even though it seems like a small change it required a lot of work to get it done. If you are currently charging tax on rent and someone makes a partial payment the software will calculate the amount that should go to tax and the amount that should go towards rent. This leaves a remaining tax amount due and tax due. This will help you report exactly how much tax was paid by the tenant when you are dealing with partial payments. You can see this change on the make a payment page for the tenant or on the revenues report page.

14- New "Fee: Button On Tenant Account: f you go to a tenant account you will now see a new blue button at the top called "Fee". This new button will be the way you charge a one time fee or setup a separate "recurring fee". This means that you can charge the tenant for rent each month as well as another monthly recurring fee like a "convenience fee" and the software will invoice and bill this fee automatically each month or year.

15- New Pro-Rating Option and Date Selector: Under the "rent unit" page for a tenant you now have a new pro-rating option under the prorating drop down called "Pro-rate first month, Bill full from second month". This new pro-rating feature allows you to pro-rate the first months rate automatically and then just set the tenant up for their regular monthly amount on the first. Along with this feature there is a new "move in date" selector associated with the pro-rating options. This allows you to move some in based on a date in the past or the future up to 20 days. Here is a screen shot -

16- Date Range Selector For Revenues Report: You can now select a date range when running the revenues report so as to show any revenues between that date range. This can be found on the "revenues report" at the top of the page.

17 - Added Tenant Credit Report: This is a new report on the customer tab under the "Customers" section of reports. It shows all tenants with a credit balance on their account and the amount of the credit.

18 - Added Paid Through Date: We added a paid through date to the revenues report. This is out to the right now under the "revenues" report.

19 - New Customer Creation: We changed the new customer process so that when you create a new customer and hit save that it will go to that new customer account page instead of the all customers page. This way you don't have to search for the new customer when you create it.

20 - Quick Books Export: We built this new feature located on the "setup" tab under "Quick Books" where you can export your data into Quick Books from your software. The instructions of how to do this are located on the Quick Books page in the software.

Various Bug Fixes: Fixed the receipt so the numbers look better, fixed the Winsen gate connection, fixed Alltec gate connection, revenue report bug, a few other issues that we had with deleting units, taking deposits, rent unit page displays errors, and tax rate calculations.

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