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Raising Rent for Current Clients and Future Clients

Change Rate for Current Clients

To raise the rental rate of a current customer, you will need to go into each individual customers account to raise it. 

After clicking on the customer you want to change, scroll down to the section of the page that says "current rentals". From there, find where it says "billing cycle" and select edit. 



After pressing edit, find where it says "monthly price before discount" and change the rental rate to the correct amount (you might have to choose the custom plan) and press save. 



Change Rate for New Customers going forward

To raise the rental rate for all new customers you will click the units tab>unit types. Once you get to the unit types, you will see two edit options; choose the far right edit button.


Once you click on the far right edit button, you will scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the "price" option. This is where you will edit to the desired amount you would like to charge all new customers. Once you press save, that unit type will be set to the amount you entered. 



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