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How do I fix a duplicate account?

There isn't really a merge feature where we can merge two accounts together, With that being said here are the steps and things you would need to do.

1. in the duplicate account that was created move him out of the unit if he's in one.
2. in the billing history of the duplicate account, copy the payment info down so you can enter it on his main account.
3. in the same billing history of the duplicate account, zero out and void any payments and invoices. so the balance is zero.
4. go to the duplicate accounts edit profile and copy any info that you want to add to his normal profile and then change his email address to a fake email like and click the "disable user login" then archive this tenant
5. now go to the tenants' Main account page. go to the "make a payment" button and post the payment as a "card swipe" or "external payment" and then in the notes section of that transaction enter any payment info that you copied over. such as visa ending in 1234, he made this on the duplicate account.
6. at this point you should be good to go, however, you can also enter any additional profile information that you copied, and also reset his username and password and make sure he knows what it is so he logs into the correct account.

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