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Creating a Reservation Fee for Online Rentals

A reservation payment will apply a credit to the customer's account which can go toward rent or the deposit when you finalize the customer's move in. (See below for directions on how to create a "reserve" button online.)

Creating a Reservation Price

1. Log in to your software.

2. Hover over the Units tab and select Unit Types


3. Click Edit to the right of the Unit Type. (Note, you will need to do this for each unit type if you want them all to have a reservation fee.)


5) Scroll down to "Reservation Price" and fill in an amount; then click save. 


How to Allow Online Reservations

1. Log in to your software.

2. Hover over the Website tab and select Pages.


3. Click the Edit button next to the Rent a Unit (or rent storage) page.5.png

4. Scroll to the bottom and click Edit next to the Available Unit Types widget.


5. At the bottom of the page, you will see a column labeled Reserve. Make sure the boxes are all selected (have check marks in them); then click Save


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