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How does my client make a payment?

Note: If your software is not currently connected to a payment gateway, your clients will not be able to make online payments. Please contact us with questions: 888-958-5967.

1. Your tenant can make a payment by going to your website and logging in using the username and password assigned to his/her account (click here to learn how to create customer logins).

2. Once logged in, have your tenant click the Make a Payment button.

3. This page shows outstanding line items. Have your tenant click Make a Payment once more. (The download button allows the customer to print the invoice.)

4. The customer will input any amount to pay, select the payment method, and click Make Payment

Credit cards saved in the recurring billing section of the customer's page (only seen by managers) will show in the dropdown. Customers cannot edit saved credit card information unless allowed by you (a checkbox under setup > settings). 

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