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Merchant Accounts 101 (Payments)

  • The only gateways that allow ACH are Rent Payment and Transaction Express. These can only be used for customers in the United States. Anyone not in the United States must use one of the other gateways; however, customers in the United States can use any of the gateways (with the exception of Moneris (Canada) & eWAY).

  1. Gateway only (merchant account must be setup up separately; usually through their bank)
  2. API Login & API Password are not the login they use to get into their account
  3. Must have the security question answer to get the API Login & API Password
  4. Once an API Password (transaction key) has been obtained it cannot be seen again; you have to get a new one if you change screens without copying it
  5. Address verification can be picky
  6. Does NOT have ACH capabilities

Rent Payment:

  1. Gateway and Merchant Account
  2. Rates:
    1. 1.99% for Visa, MC and Discover (NOT Amex)
    2. $0.50 per ACH (electronic check)
  3. They DO NOT set up American Express; if someone wants to use Rent Payment and wants to be able to run Amex they have to tell Rent Payment so they can do it. It is a separate setup.
  4. Also called:
    1. Yapstone
    2. Vacation Rent Payment
  5. Sent them information for Tony Maskell
    1. Phone: 925-407-8745
    2. Email:

Transaction Express:

  1. Gateway and Merchant Account
  2. Rates:
    1. 1.99% for Visa, MC, Discover and Amex
    2. $0.25 per ACH (electronic check)
    3. $25.00 yearly PCI fee
  3. Also called:
    1. Select Merchant Solutions
    2. Transfirst (merchant account)
  4. Send them information for Paula Park
    1. Phone: 321-244-3031 Ext: 1001
    2. Cell: 407-252-7985


Canadian Merchant Account Option:

  1. Matthew Ware, Account Executive
    1. Phone: 888-573-7587
    2. Fax: 866-591-4442
    3. Email:
    4. Websites: or
  2. Rates:
    1. $6.00 monthly PCI fee
    2. 0.30 basis points above interchange
    3. $0.10 per transaction
    4. $7.50 monthly fee (gateway fee)
    5. $0.10 per transaction (gateway fee)
  3. Monthly Minimum of $5.00
  4. No Contracts

Global Gateway:

First Data is the "Merchant Account"

Global Gateway is the "Gateway" that connects to the merchant account

Global Gateway was the old name of the "gateway" now it's called "Payeeze"

In our software under the merchant account integration dropdown we have it listed as a "Global Gateway"

The integration we have set up in our software is for when they had the name "global gateway". Since they changed the name of global gateway to "payeeze" they also changed the way they integrate so now they don't use the store number and PEM file. If the client had the gateway before they change their name to Payeeze then they should still be able to access the old integration information and use our gateway. They will need to contact Payeeze and ask for the old integration information (Store Number and PEM File). However if the client has a Payeeze account now and never had the global gateway account then the won't be able to connect with our software.

We've talked about updating to support the new Payeeze gateway but it doesn't make sense to us since they charge more than rentpayment and transaction express. Especially because they might only be a handful of people that would want it and the programming would cost maybe another thousand dollars or so, and then we would have to pay for future maintenance for 1 more gateway.

So if we run into this situation we'll need to try and sell them on using 1 of our other preferred merchant accounts which shouldn't be too hard since it's common sense for everyone to save money..

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