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Uninstall & Reinstall ESS Gate Sync Program

Usually you only have to do this if there is something funky going on with windows like the ESS Gate sync service is "running" (under the windows Local services), however, the program isn't downloading the gate code file. This is how you fix it.


1. First, You need to uninstall the ESS Gate sync program.

Go to the Windows programs and find "Easy Storage Solutions" and then the click on "uninstall gate sync. Follow the prompts until the program is all the way uninstalled. 


2. Next, You'll need to install the ESS Gate sync program back onto the computer. 

So next you'll go to your software and click on the "settings" tab and then the "gate" subtab.. Once you click on this "ESS Gate Sync Program" it will download the application and you'll need to "Run" it to start the installation. 


It will look like this...image__1_.png

Hit next and continue until it's been installed. It will auto populate the old information you once had in the gate sync program, don't change any of that information and hit save. 


Wait 5 min and check to see if it's working... You'll know if it's working when you go to "setup" and "gate" sub tab and see screenshot below..2017-08-14_1529.png

* If it doesn't start working, Try it the same steps again, but restart the computer between the uninstall and reinstall.



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