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What should I do if my ESS Gate Sync is not working?

If you ever check the log under the "setup" tab then the "gate" subtab and it displays that there isn't a time stamp every five minutes that says, "checked for change," your gate sync program service has stopped working. Follow the directions below to first verify and then fix the problem.

If this happens, the gate sync software is not running and needs to be restarted. Why? It probably has something to do with the manager/owner's computer. Sometimes if your Windows does an update it might want to turn off the ESS gate sync service because it may not know what that program is and what it's trying to do. Or maybe your firewall or virus programs can stop the service from working. If this is the case you will need to change settings in your virus program or pay attention to when your computer does updates.

To Restart the service

Got to the Windows menu (ask Cortana, or search bar) and type in "services" you'll see "local services" with a gear icon. Click on that link and then find the "ESS Gate Sync Service" and simply click "restart". 

To maybe help the service to automatically restart in the future. Right click on the service and click on “properties” and then Recovery, and make it look like the screenshot below.


 NOTE: If you run into an error that says you do not have permissions to start the service follow these directions. . .

1. While the error is open on your computer

2. Pull up the services box (follow directions under Restart your Service)

3. After you have pulled up the properties window for the ESS Gate Sync program click on the Logon tab (to the left of Recovery)

4. In the box above the password browse and find the computers administrators account name.

5. Re-enter the password you would use to login to the computer and save.

6. Hit retry on the error box.

That should fix the error and not cause it to happen with that user again.

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