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PTI Falcon Gate Integration

Step 1 - Go into your Easy Storage solutions website and install the Gate Sync Program

Step 2A- When setting up your Gate Sync Program, make sure to put your facility code in. The facility code can be found at the bottom of your "Gate" page in the ESS software, SETUP>Gate (API Key=Facility Code).

Step 2B- Save File; you will enter a different save file depending on what Falcon you are using:

F2000: For the "Save File", if you are using the F2000 software, make sure you put C:\PTI\pti.dat (see screenshot here, F2000).

Taskmaster: For "Save File" ,if you are using the Taskmaster software, make sure you put C:\F2000\pti.dat (see screenshot here, Taskmaster).


After you have entered the Facility Code and Save File you will Save (this will close the window).

Step 3 (for F2000 software only)- If you are using F2000 software, you may need to update your interface settings:

  1. Make Sure Interface is Active checkbox should be checked
  2. Acct Software set to "Generic"
  3. Preprocessor should be set to "PTIDAT"
  4. Input File should be set to "C:PTIPTI.DAT
  5. Result File should be set to "C:PTIResults.dat
  6. Invalid Name Field Characters may halt the communication. The only valid keyboard character that F2000 accepts are apostrophes, other characters such as &,*,",-,?,!,/ etc...are considered invalid and may cause your communication to not work properly. 


Your computer may need to be on Microsoft .net 4.5 framework if you are having problems with your ESS gate sync software

Communication from other outside software programs(previous management systems) need to be halted in order for the ESS gate sync post download action to work.

Duplicate gate codes can be used in the PTI Falcon

**UPDATE 5/24/17**

Falcon 2000

I set up a falcon 2000 gate using the steps above and it would push the file over but falcon 2000 wasn't making any changes. I had to change the PTI.DAT file locations to save in the F2000 folder instead. 

See screenshots for settings



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