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PTI StorLogix Gate Integration

Step 1 - Go into your Easy Storage solutions website and install the Gate Sync Program

Step 2- In the little window that pops up, input the following:
1. Facility Code: (find at the bottom of your "Gate" page in the ESS software)
2. Save File: C:\Pti\pti.dat
3. Location Path: (Put Nothing Here)

Step 3-Setup the Storlogix Interface: Screenshot for setting up the StorLogix Software
1.Click Edit for the Storlogix property
2. Set configuration as follows:
*Interface is Active checkbox should be checked
*Acct Software set to "Generic"
*Preprocessor should be set to "PTIDAT"
*Input File should be set to "C:PTI\pti.dat
*Result File should be set to "C:PTI\Results.dat
3. Select Save

Step 4-Done!
Check the interface is running. Storlogix should change PTI.dat file to a RESULT.dat file once it has been updated.


1-You might need to turn on the WSIWG check box in the PTI management interface if the facility has dashes or such in their unit number descriptions. IE. A-123.
Your computer may need to be on Microsoft .net 4.5 or 4.6 framework if you are having problems with your ESS gate sync software

Communication from other outside software programs(previous management systems) need to be halted in order for the ESS gate sync post download action to work.

If you get an file in the PTI folder that says: PTI-MI (site name) - ERR7.log and you open it up and it says something like.... 7/10/2015 12:15:18 AM ERR:2 [-Error Processing Line: 272, Unit G 14-] this means that there is a space in between the unit number and that is not allowed in storlogix ex. G 15 needs to be G15
Error that says, "unable to connect to StorLogix Interface Service. Status will not be updated" try this... screenshot Also make sure they're storlogix software is up to date.

A Great Troubleshooting tool to see the errors is if you set the storlogix interface program to the "preview" mode and then initiate a sync. this will pull up what would be sent to storlogix and will show some errors. 

Here is a link that will show you how to set up the time zones

PTI doesn't allow unit numbers longer than 6 digits.

to see PTI's Compatitbility with Windows Versions: Click Here

PTI Storlogix Interface Document. This will help explain errors, results, log files, etc. Click Here

(Enable Trace Log & Log Activity in interface to find errors easier)

Video that shows instructions

**If Storlogix is not reading the download file correctly (too many errors, not updating, etc.) it can help to erase everything in the Storlogix software and allow the file to be re-downloaded. Start fresh in a sense.**

To restart the interface: Go to Services, Find Storlogix Interface, Right click and restart it

When a customer is trying to get into the gate they will push *code# to open the gate.

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