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Doorking Gate Integration

Step 1 - Go into your Easy Storage solutions website "setup" tab and "gate" sub tab and install the Gate Sync Program. See screenshot

Step 2- When setting up your Gate Sync Program settings, make sure to put your facility code in. Screenshot The facility code can be found at the bottom of your "Gate" page in the ESS software, SETUP>Gate.  

Step 3 - keep your gate sync settings open, but, Next Create a folder on the C drive called "DKS". Screenshot. Go back to your ESS Gate Sync Settings make sure to put the file path for the "save file" section to C:\DKS\"Doorking Account Name".csv (note: doorking account name has to match what is in ESS and what is in the Doorking program) screenshot (this example for the save file in the ess settings would say, C:\DKS\gate.csvNote: *The DoorKing account name is case and space sensitive*

Step 4 - Create a Batch File. open up word, or notepad and type the following code in....

start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\DoorKing\DoorKing Account Manager\DoorKing32.exe" C:\DKS\doorkingaccountname.csv /A

It will look like this when your done screenshot.

Next you will want to save this as "run.bat" into the DKS folder. Go back to the ESS gate sync settings and save the post download action as C:\DKS\run.bat

if the doorking account name was called "gate" this is what the ESS gate sync settings would look like. screenshot  

Step 5- To test to see if it works, wait a couple min to see if it does it automatically (you can check the log in the easy storage software to see when it downloads) screenshot

OTHER NOTES to keep in mind...

1: You can't have any duplicate gate codes

2: All units have to have a gate code . No blanks allowed.

3: Warnings are OK Errors are not ok and need to be fixed

4: You can't have duplicate unit numbers

5: Leave Directory Code blank or no more than 3 digits

6: Gate codes can be 4 or 5 digits. If they are 4 digits you have to add a zero when entering on the keypad.


Gate Codes Cannot be over 65000.

After you send data to the controller, if it fails you can check the logs to see why it is failing. In the doorking program go to File>View Log Files>view events.log

Reasons: why a "send data" might have failed
1- because you have not paid to have a DKS server account active and live
2- because you have downloaded the Doorking 32 software license to 2 different PC's

4.5 framework: Your computer may need to be on Microsoft .net 4.5 framework if you are having problems with your ESS gate sync software

Duplicate communication?: Communication from other outside software programs(previous management systems) need to be halted in order for the ESS gate sync post download action to work.

Errors: If you see that there are errors in the import, check File>Logs>Event log to see what the error messages are. Remember, the import and the sending of data to the controller will not happen if there are errors during import 

If import works but send file doesn't appear. . .DoorKing Version 6.3g had a lot of bugs that caused multiple data import errors. You will want to upgrade to DoorKing Version 6.3i.

ENT COLUMN  - why isn't it going to the ent column..... When we integrated with Doorking they helped us and the integration was built to use the Device Column because this is what storage facilities use, it is an 1838 keypad.
The 1835 Kepad which was built for apartments This is the only device that uses the entry # column.

Keep Doorking program closed - I just ran into an issue where everything syncs perfectly if the DKS program is closed. but if the DKS program is open and running then the DKS program doesn't pick up the codes. 

Interface notes: Doorking Interface Notes I just recently had an experience with this batch file C:Program FilesDoorking32>Doorking32.exe EXAMPLE.CSV /U /C.... STAY AWAY FROM THIS BATCH FILE!!! This is what i found out through trial and error with this batch file. don't us /U /C batch file

Stopped syncing: I just found out that if the DKS sync works you get two status windows that pop up like a activity status window and a session status window that doorking might not sync the next time automatically unless you click to "close" these two windows. to get these windows to not show you need to rewrite the batch file so that it does not include command switch "/M". This makes it so that Doorking will not remain running after a successful or un successful. the other status window is a "backup" prompt click on the "do not backup" and check "do this everytime with out asking"

Area codes: I just found out that if you get an error that says, "can only have up to 10 Alternate Area Codes" then they have too many area codes connected to phone numbers and you'll either need to delete some of the main phone numbers. or. click here... add more area codes to DKS.

Security level error: Just had an issue where someone was getting a security level error and their setting in our software under the "gate" sub tab had the security level set to 1 instead of 01.

Doorking Support Phone Number: 1-800-826-7493 ext5

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