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Gate Tab Overview

To access your Gate settings: Scroll over the Setup tab and click on Gate in the dropdown.

Automatic lockout threshold: This is the number of days a customer can have a balance on their account before the software locks them out. The number in the automatic lock threshold should be two less than the day you would like it to post. For example: If you want someone to be locked out on the 6th day after the due date you will put a 4 in the lockout threshold. (This can be used even if there is not a gate connected as a reminder to double lock units).

Allow Duplicate Gate Keys: Check this box if you want to use the same set of numbers for more than one unit. If this is not checked it will NOT allow you to use the same gate key in more than one unit, even if it is the same customer. MANY GATE SOFTWARES WILL NOT FUNCTION WITH DUPLICATE CODES IN THE SYSTEM. 

Manual approval for lockouts: When checked customers will stay on the automatic lockouts report until they have been manually approved.

Automatic auction Lockout Date: When checked allows a custom auction date to be set for new customer lock outs. When unchecked the auction date for locked out customers is set to one month in the future.

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