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Quikstor Gate Integration

Step 1 - Login as a manager to your ESS management software and click on SETUP- Gate. Then, scroll to the bottom and select "Quikstor" as your gate company and click on save.

Step 2 - Go into your Easy Storage solutions website and install the Gate Sync Program

Step 3- When setting up your Gate Sync Program, make sure to put your facility code in. The facility code can be found at the bottom of your "Gate" page in the ESS software, SETUP>Gate. When setting up your ESS Gate Sync Settings make sure to make it look like thisClick Here Leave the "Post Download Action" setting blank on the ESS Gate Sync Program.

1- Your computer may need to be on Microsoft .net 4.5 framework if you are having problems with your ESS gate sync software

2- Communication from other outside software programs(previous management systems) need to be halted in order for the ESS gate sync post download action to work.

The quik-store guardian program has to be open for it to pick up the qslink.fil everytime. the program is called GCP. (Guardian Control Panel) 

Below is quikstor's management interface manual.  

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