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Gate Ease/ Alltec Gate Integration

Step 1 - Go into your Easy Storage solutions website and install the Gate Sync Program
Step 2- When setting up your Gate Sync Program, make sure to put your facility code in. The facility code can be found at the bottom of your "Gate" page in the ESS software, SETUP>Gate. Also, when setting up your ESS Gate Sync Settings make sure to put the file path for the "save file" section to C: program files:gateease. Save the file as a genlink.fil
You shouldn't need do to a post download action alltec should pick this file up and read it every 12 seconds if there's a new one.

Set the Gate Ease software to Generic, (if they don't have the option of "generic" then they need to upgrade their gate ease software to at least 5.12)

Troubleshooting: just saw something where the import file had 2 units with the same number and then they weren't syncing over to gate ease. when we deleted the extra unit they worked just fine. 

Trouble Shooting Here is the Gate Ease Documentation
They can't have duplicate unit numbers even if they are different unit types. each unit number has to be unique or else it won't sync over that unit number
Just had an issue where ESS was sending all the data over to gate ease but Gate ease didn't see all the data, it was missing unit numbers? Called joe, He said it could be from a possible windows update told me to go to C: drive, Program files, gatease folder, right click on Gate ease executable file, properties, i think it was the "compatability" tab and then "run as administrator" and the run the executable file to start gateease program again.... dunno how but it fixed it.
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