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Winsen Sentinel Gate Integration

Step 1 - Go into your Easy Storage solutions website and install the Gate Sync Program

Step 2- make it look like the screenshot below When setting up your Gate Sync Program, make sure to put your facility code in. The facility code can be found at the bottom of your "Gate" page in the ESS software, SETUP>Gate. Also, when setting up your ESS Gate Sync Settings make sure to put the file path for the "save file" section to C:Gateupdate.txt and the post download action should be C:gaterun.bat (backslashes need to be include as show in screenshot below) It should look like this when completed

Winsen has told us that it's the management software's responsibility to run that update.exe. that they don't take any responsibility for running that automatically.
Step 3. So, this means we need to create a batch file to initiate that update.exe program automatically. You can do this by opening a notepad or a word document and entering.

start "" "C:Gateupdate.exe" C:Gateupdate.txt /A /M (backslashes need to be include as show in screenshot below)

It will look like this when your done...  photo 2015-04-27_1435_zpswfnevqae.png

Save this as "run.bat" and save it on the C drive, under the "gate" folder.
Then, save the file before exiting. Now you can make a change to one of your tenants in the software and within 5 min, the winsen program should sync with your software. Watch the time stamp on the update.txt or update.old (after update.txt is read it changes to an update.old) to see if the ESS gate sync is working.


if WinsenSentinel Interface does not recognize your units, you need to open up your update.txt file and change all the "E"'s in the first column to "A"'s meaning you are adding in all those units into the interface for the 1st time
Your computer may need to be on Microsoft .net 4.5 framework if you are having problems with your ESS gate sync software

Communication from other outside software programs(previous management systems) need to be halted in order for the ESS gate sync post download action to work.

Note: you'll need Sentinel's INTERFACE program for this to work properly!

Here is the WinSen Operations Manual For your Reference

Here is another issue if your getting the error code 65 Keypad/access zone field is invalid. Check on this...
If the winsen interface isn't sending the information over make sure this box is checked
Deleting a gate code manually in Winsen - To do this you'll need to find the winsen log that is usually running or open on the computer click on the File Menu and go to "Unit/Tenant Operations" this will pull up the Winsen program with all the tenants that are currently in the Winsen program. find the row of the tenant your looking for and click on the gate code and backspace the code.

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