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Changing your Facility Name, Physical Address, Billing Address, or Phone Number

(See the second section below for changing the credit card number on your account.)

To Change your facility address, billing address, routing/account numbers, or phone number.

1. Sign in to the software.

2. Hover over the Setup tab and select Contact.


3. The physical address shows in the footer section of your website. It is also the address from which the Google Map pulls. 

The routing and accounting numbers, if input, will automatically be added to your check batch (automated deposit slip). For more information on how that works, click here

The phone number will show up on your website footer and also on the contact page. 

The Billing Address will show in invoices and other templates as your mailing address for checks and other payments. 


To Change Your Credit Card Number

1. Sign in to your software. 

2. Hover over the Setup tab and select Settings


3. Click the Billing Information button at the far right of the screen.


4. Here is where you can update your credit card information.


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