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Adding and Editing a Manager Login

You can edit current managers information as well as add new managers. Follow the steps below:
Adding a manager login:
1) Click the Setup tab
2) Click the Managers sub-tab
3) Click on the New Manager button in the top right corner.
 *Note- if you don't see the "New Manager" button then you're not logged in as the "owner".
4) Fill in the required information.
   5) Click Create at the bottom once information is filled in.
Editing or deleting a manager login:
 1) Click the  Setup tab.
 2) Click the Managers sub-tab. 
 3) Click on the username of the manager that you would like to edit or delete. 
4) Click Edit or Delete in the top right hand corner. 
When editing, be sure to click Save after making any changes. 
**Note: An email is required
When you are editing a manager login the password will not display. If you are editing the username, email or phone number you do not need to have anything in the password/password confirmation boxes.

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