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Why can't my customer or I log in?

Are you or your customer unable to log in? Clicking "forgot password" and resetting it hasn't helped? Here are some things to try:

1. Log In: If your customer is okay with giving you his username or password, try logging in as the customer. If you aren't able to log in, you should reset the password (see #5). If you ARE able to log in, continue to #2.

2. Spaces: Phones will sometime add spaces after the username, and this can cause an "Invalid Password" failure. Make sure the customer doesn't allow the phone to autofill the username and password. Have him/her type it in manually and make sure there are no extra spaces.

3. Capitalization: Phones will automatically capitalize the first letter in words. Again, make sure the customer is not using autofill when she is signing in. 

4. Clear Cache/Cookies: If usernames/passwords are entered wrong even once, the browser can remember and automatically populate the wrong username/password. To reset the computer or phone, you need to clear the passwords and autofill forms. 

  • Phone: Go into your browser (Safari or Chrome, etc.) > open the menu > select "privacy" > select "clear browsing data" > check "clear saved passwords" and "clear autofill data" > click "clear."
  • Computer Chrome: click the three dots under the X in the top right corner > more tools > clear browsing data > check "passwords" and "autofill form data."
  • Computer Firefox: click "menu" selected at the upper-right corner of the window > options > security (left pane) > saved logins > remove the one for your website.
  • Computer Explorer: open the tools menu > internet options > content > settings (under autocomplete) > manage passwords > web credentials manager > click the dropdown arrow by the website > click "remove.

5. Reset Password: Go to the customer's page in your software, and click the Edit Profile button. 



Scroll down to the Login Information section and click the Change Customer Password button. Follow the prompts, and save the new password.


6. Spell it: Have the customer spell the username and password as she types it. Our finger muscles are able to memorize movement patterns. The customer's brain may be forming the correct username/password, but her fingers could be doing something different at the same time from habit. Spelling the letters as she types can make her consciously connect her fingers and brain.

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