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Getting Started: Navigating Your Software

We've worked hard to design the software as simply as possible. Navigation is meant to be easy! This article will give you a basic overview of logging in to your software and also how to navigate the menus.

1. To log in, you must first go to your website and click the Make a Payment/Login button at the top right of the screen.


2. From here, enter your username and password (sent to you in the "Site and Software Live" email). Click Log In.


3. Welcome to your software! To navigate your way, notice the black bar at the top of the screen. This section is called the Menu. You will access everything in the software by navigating the different tabs located in the menu. Below gives a basic overview of each.


Dashboard: Create reminders (tasks), access the support site, quickly enter customer payments, view basic facility statistics (dashboard).


SetupEdit the contract/agreement (settings), change how many days before the due date the invoice goes out (settings—billing period), create automatic late fees or lockout (late/lien), edit your card on file (contact).


Units: Increase unit prices (unit types), delete a unit (grid view), see units listed by size (grid view), change unit pictures for website (unit types), site map.


Customers: View a customer list (all customers), access customer profiles (all customers), create a new customer, change required customer information (field settings), create products (retail sale).


Reports: See who owes money (accounting/financials—collections), view total revenue (accounting/financial—revenue), see all gate codes (facility—access codes), cancel move-outs (customers—scheduled move outs).


Email/Txt & Print: Create/manage messages sent to customers (templates), send emails (print/email letters), print invoices for mailing (print batches).


Website: Change wording on your website (pages), change office times (settings), manage Storage Units Near Me (Addons).


Search Bar: You can access any customer's page by typing his/her name in the search bar.


Tools: Switch to another location (change facility), change your password or email (edit account), log out.


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