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The Dashboard Overview

The dashboard gives you an overview of what, within your facility, needs your attention that day. It also gives you quick access to your tasks—reminders you set for specific action to be taken on a specific day. Below is a full list of what information the dashboard contains.

The Dashboard Contains:
- New Reservations (if allowed)
- New Move-Ins
- New Move-Outs
- Uncompleted Tasks
-Sell a Product Option
-Next Auction Date (only shows on the day of the auction)

The Statistics show:
- How many units rented out of the total units created: Booked/Total Units
- How many units have been rented by a customer out of the total units rented: Customer Rented/Total
- How many units have been rented by a manager out of the total units rented: Manager Rented/Total
- Total number of customers with a unit rented out of total number of customers: Current/Total 
- Total number of past due customers out of the total number of customers: Past Due/Total Customers

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