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How do new customers sign their rental agreement?

After you have entered your rental agreement into the software, it is available for both existing and new customers to sign. (See the second section below for instructions on sending the agreement to your existing customers.)

Note: There is not a way currently for you as an owner to also sign the agreement. In 2000, federal legislation passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and International Commerce Act (ESGICA). This act outlines what is needed for an electronic contract to be legally binding, including a "valid intent to sign" by both parties. Most states agree the facility owner is showing valid intent by providing the contract to the customer. However, Missouri recently made some changes to their state laws (as of September 2017) which may change electronic signature requirements. To be safe, you are always encouraged to check with a local lawyer.

How a New Online Renter Signs the Agreement

Note: A customer CANNOT complete an online rental without signing the agreement/contract. Also, there is not a way to clear the signature after it has been accepted by the customer.

1. The tenant goes to your website and clicks on your Rent Storage tab.


2. He then clicks Rent Now on both the main page and on the screen that pops up.



3. The tenant will be taken to a new screen where he can enter his personal information. At the bottom of this page is a link to your storage agreement along with a signature field for the customer to sign using his mouse or keypad.



4. Notice that if the tenant does not sign or click the "I have agreed" box, he is unable to complete the rental.


5. Once the customer has signed and agreed to the agreement, he is able to go on to the next page and finish renting a unit.


6. When you as a manager go to this customer's profile page and click on his agreement, you will see that his signature shows up in the bottom. 





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