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Tax Rates: Fee Tax Rate and Rent Tax Rate

You have the ability to change the tax rates for rent and fees that you charge at your facility. You can customize tax required based on the unit type as well. 

Follow these steps to add a tax rate to either the fees or rent.

1) Hover your mouse over the Setup tab and then click on the Tax Rates sub-tab from the drop-down              menu.

2) Add required tax rates for either the rent or fees. (Do not forget to save your changes at the very bottom      of this page)

   - Rent tax rate will be automatically applied with every invoice.
   - Fee tax rate will be automatically applied to any fee you set up in the Unit Types.

(To add a fee to the unit type scroll over the Units tab, select the Unit Types sub-tab. Using the edit in the far right column you will see there is a place to enter a fee just under the deposit.)

4) Click Save at the bottom of the page to save changes. 



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