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Setup Tab Overview

The Setup tab has 11 different sub-tabs: Settings, Managers, Contact, Gate, Fees, Late/Lien, Payment Gateway, Credit Card, Quickbooks, Blue Moon and Tax Rates.

- The Settings sub-tab allows you to set certain settings pertaining to your software, such as billing period, tax rates, new renter instructions, prorating options, time zone, & credit card types.

- The Managers sub-tab is where you set up new manager log in for the software or where you can change username and passwords for manager.

- The Contact sub-tab takes you to contact information of your website and the name of your website. This page also allows you to enter the physical and billing address for your facility as well as the bank account and routing numbers for your facility.

- The Gate sub-tab allows you to connect to different gates and set a lockout threshold for your customers. 

- The Fees sub-tab takes you to the screen where you can create automatic and manual fees and edit current fees.

- The Late/Lien sub-tab allows you to assign account statuses based on how many days an account is past due. You can customize the notifications and fees for each status. This streamlines the action steps when a customer is not paying their bill.

- The Payment Gateway sub-tab allows you to link your software to your merchant account.

- The Quickbooks sub-tab is where you can sync the software to Quickbooks, so you can download customer information into Quickbooks for your accounting.

- The Insurance sub-tab allows you to control all settings related to insurance at your facility. It also gives you the ability to create plans and charge your customers automatically.

- The Blue Moon sub-tab is a tool usually for Texas Storage Facility owners that keeps track of storage contracts and documents.

- The Tax Rates sub-tab is where you can create or modify any tax rates for rent and fees that you charge      at your facility.


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