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List View: Sorting by Unit Number

The list view can be really helpful, it lists your units and customers by unit number. You can see the unit number, status of unit, unit type, customer name, customer phone number, customer email address, and the balance of the account. You can format this list to print as well as downloading a CSV file of this list.

Follow the steps below to access this view:

1. Log in to your account

2. Hover over the Units tab and click the List View.


3. This new page is called the List View. As you can see, the customers are listed by unit number. 


You can click on any unit to see details of the unit or to rent it to a customer (see the next two images).


The list can be printed or downloaded by clicking the buttons in the top right corner of the list view page.


Note: If the customer has more than one unit, each unit will show the total balance on the customer's account. For example, if John has rented units 2 & 3 and has a balance of $60.00. Next to both units, it will show $60.00. This means the customer owes a total of $60.00; you do not add the two balances together.


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