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Unit Type Overview

A unit type is a size category. For instance, you may offer four unit types: 5x10, 10x10, 10x20, and 10x25. How many units you have of each type can vary. You may own twenty 5x10 units, numbered 1-20.  If someone asked, you could say Unit 4 is a 5x10 unit type. 

How to Create a New Unit Type

1. Log in to your account

2. Hover over the Units tab and select Unit Types.


3. Click the  New Unit Type button in the far right corner.


5. Fill in the information.

NameThe name field is optional. What you put here will appear on the website next to the size. For instance, in this example, Large RV was typed in the name column of the unit type.


ImageIf you don't upload an image, a default (blue door) picture will show up underneath your unit name/size on the website. You are welcome to upload a file from your computer if you'd like (as was done in the "name" example above).



6) Click Create

Any pricing options you create will be displayed on your website and will be applied when someone books through your website. If you rent to a walk in customer you can customize the pricing options.

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